Tesla accusing me of stealing their Money for My Own Personal Projects/Gain Embezzlement

As it Shows in the Huffington Post Tesla’s stated :

  • CLAIM 30: “Rather than working on her assignments, Ms. Balan spent company time working on a “secret project” without her manager’s approval and

The truth:

  • My so called “secret project” was Approved on the highest level in Tesla after Elon, The VP of Tesla! 3 VPs, a few directors and mangers were involved and Tesla had ALL the below evidence at the time they’ve made the statement public


  • In April 2nd, 2017 making Elon say “this is the type of cool things I want for model X” before leaving the car… After I was “resigned” on April 16th, the prototypes were packed and shipped out of Fremont to an undisclosed location…
  • Here are some FACTS from hundreds emails I have related to the  LIE called “secret project”. I am  ONLY showing you the ones exchanged with people at the highest management level in Tesla after Elon Musk, the VP of Tesla the one who took decision for the entire company !


  • When the Highest MAN in Tesla management expressed his opinio about the “secret project” which ANY of you can realized NOW how  this will look in front of the jury 

  • Here is the email when the PO was approved by the HIGHEST rank in Tesla after  Elon Musk, BUT HEY it is “secret” everything goes when comes out from Tesla’s spokesperson mouth 


…   And this one was to let them know the car is ready for Elon to see… It was THE MOST amazing day of my career and I couldn’t do it without the help of the VPs … Thank you all !


  • CLAIM 31: “booked an unapproved trip to New York at Tesla’s expense to visit a potential supplier for her own personally-created project. “

The truth:  I NEVER Booked ANY trip to New York on Tesla’s Expenses and I NEVER been to New York Business or Pressure !

This is again a despicable lie, which Could Have Been SOOOO Easily proven by Tesla: they just had to show the Federal Judge or The Court of Appeal   the email of the booking, the credit card slip of the freaking airfare at least if Not the Hotel, Cars or Meals!

Tesla will NEVER be able to produce any evidence of the above because it NEVER HAPPEND, I never spend any of their Money and Tesla knows it now and they knew it years and months before they decided to defame me!

IF the above Claims you thing Are cleared enough by FACTS and Purchasing  Orders, you should see the claim regarding the  “supplier” claim who destroyed my career even more.

That claim though is even better: proven By Tesla’s Own Witnesses in their deposition under Oath and Penalty of Perjury 

But that is for another day  …



  1. Porritt agreed with just about everything the team said during that long Saturday meeting. He listened when the employees complained about what they said was bullying by managers. He thanked them for meeting and said that what was happening on their team was certainly not “the Tesla way.” He also said the team could trust him, and he promised to help find a solution.

    • OH MY GOD!!! WHOEVER YOU ARE THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your reply! Yes, you are right. He did say that, and he did find a solution, but because of the recording I had, their “solution” didn’t quite work…

      He did listen to us and the next thing he did was to go to HR and Derek. Which attack every single one fo us and convince us to drop our complaint. To the point, as you probably know, lots even sent emails to Porritt to express their concerns on how they were brought in a room by the person we complain about, in which he still tried to say Again nobody else complained about him before. During the arbitration, I saw some private email between Porritt, HR, Derek, Andrew, and Jared in which they were planning how to take me out without you guys knowing.

      As for Porritt, he told legal I was the Only one to complain about the outrageous thing that we all see happening there for years, even before me. What is despicable (whoever you may be THANK YOU again) was that Even Porritt admitted he wanted to fire Andrew but Derek put his head on the line and beg him not to; he even admitted in front of us how sorry he is for not following his guts. He was such a Hypocrite, bc Hours later PORRITT start planning how to make sure we will never be as UNITED AND STRONG as we were as a team on that day…

      I am sorry I didn’t share with you guys, but when I sent my resignation I HAD two choices: one to resign or two see each of you or some of you taken out of Tesla and US. I couldn’t, I just couldn’t live with the fact they will destroy quite a few peoples life and just stay there and watch…
      Their plan was taken care of all of us, but that was before they knew I recorded the entire 2 hours meeting. I told them I SWARE if they touch any of you I will make all the recordings public, how I was demoted and retaliated, and how after my teammates complained about the quality and critical safety issues (in which even Porritt confirmed he knew it) were kicked out of the country… Well, Tesla’s legal didn’t like an entire country to hear what was said in that meeting, more to be shown they did kick those people out of the country for it…

      XOXO for sending this message. Means the world to me! It is a true gift that you give me today and I hope you are well and happy whenever you may be!

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